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Business Ecology is a management imperative to make business more responsive, effective, sustainable and secure in a complex, networked world. It views organizations as living organisms in which all aspects of management, operations and process interact and interrelate, and which operate within a dynamic business ecosystem.  Organizations that pursue Business Ecology optimize business operations and foster innovation through business-technology convergence, better decision making, business process excellence, removal of waste from business practices and technology portfolios, holistic risk management, and real-time insight.

The Business Ecology® Initiative (BEI)
is a non-profit, member-led organization committed to breaking down silos and promoting effective, adaptive, sustainable and secure practices both within organizations and among them. BEI provides thought leadership, education and advocacy for Business Ecology practices and a platform for the development and sharing of case studies and practices among business and technology leaders. 

BEI Practice Area Communities

Critical to Business Ecology success is the exchange of real-world stories, practices, lessons and insights amongst the adopter community. BEI's Communities of Practice (listed below) are advocacy groups comprised of practitioners, service providers and technology vendors. Their goal is to promote the business value and enable the successful adoption of key business-technology strategies by the Global 1000, major government agencies and midmarket businesses. » See all our communities


In the News

Press Release BEI Webinar on Business Architecture at Wells Fargo:
Leveraging Strategic Planning & BPM for Loan Process Optimization

-September 1, 2011
Peter Fingar on Cloud Computing Peter Fingar on Cloud Computing 
Recorded at the March BEI Optimization for
Innovation Conference
webinar The Next Wave - Business Process Optimization (full webinar)
By Claus T. Jensen, Chief Architect for SOA-BPM-EA, IBM

For more information on BEI and the Practice Area Communities, email to info@omg.org.


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Webinar Series
11am-12pm EDT Webinar: September 27th, 2011 - Paul Tazbaz and Jeffi Sannapu, Wells Fargo
11am-12pm EDT Webinar: The role of Business Architecture in Acquisitons & Mergers - October 25th, 2011
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